Voyez ce qui est arrivé !

Parlez-vous francais? Well, then, I have great news! Shadow Bound and Shadow Fall–Books #1 and #2 of the Shadow series–are now available in French! :)

Shadow Bound French TranslationScreen Shot 2015-07-30 at 2.54.34 PM
Available at Amazon FR
English version still available on Amazon.fr, as well.
Certaines personnes feraient n’importe quoi pour l’éviter. Même échanger leur âme immortelle contre une existence infinie.

Secrètement, inexorablement, ils infiltrent notre monde, suçant l’essence de victimes qui ne se doutent de rien par leur hideuse parodie d’un baiser.

Adam Thorne a fondé l’Institut Segue pour étudier et détruire son monstre de frère, mais la clé de son succès repose entre les mains pâles et menues d’une femme en fuite. Il y a quelque chose d’envoûtant et de différent chez Talia O’Brien, sa sensualité inconsciente, sa façon mystérieuse de se glisser dans l’Ombre.

C’est l’endroit entre la vie et ce qui arrive ensuite — une forêt sombre et fantaisiste, remplie de beauté, de péril, de mystère. Et Talia est sur le point d’ouvrir la porte.

Shadow Fall French TranslationScreen Shot 2015-07-30 at 2.54.44 PM
Available at Amazon FR
English version still available on Amazon.fr, as well.
Custo Santovari a accepté la douleur, le sang, et même la mort, pour sauver son meilleur ami. Mais un homme avec tous ses péchés n’est tout simplement pas fait pour être un ange.

Un moment, il s’échappe du Ciel; le suivant, il se réveille complètement nu dans Manhattan. Au beau milieu d’une guerre. Entraîné là par une femme qui a désespérément peur de l’obscurité.

Elle se ramasse autour d’Annabella pendant qu’elle offre sa performance, remplie d’images fantastiques d’un autre monde, et donne vie à un héros doré et un amant de cauchemars.

Il la poursuit sans relâche, lui inspirant des désirs tordus, même lorsqu’elle se donne à l’homme qu’elle aime. Il y a en chacun de nous un côté sauvage, et Annabella est sur le point de libérer la bête.

Bonne lecture (happy reading)! 

Here there be dragons…

Tempted by Fire

I am very excited to announce that the first book in my all new shifter series is here. Tempted by Fire was originally released in the Dark and Damaged box set, but is now available on its own.

. app_Kindle app_kindle_ca  app_kindle_uk app_kindle_au app_kindle_de  app_kobo app_ibooks

Dragon shifter Thane Ealdian has waited six hundred years to avenge the loss of his family, and finally a clue has surfaced that implicates an old adversary. Thane will stop at nothing to seek his revenge, but to prevent violence between the clans, the Bloodkin Triad has forced a mediator on him. Some upstart named Emerson Clark…Emerson is fed up with all Bloodkin and how they’ve managed to control every aspect of her life. While she doesn’t believe that Bloodkin can shift into dragons—because, really?—she has to admit, they are exceptionally nice to look at. But once the mediation is over, she wants nothing to do with them ever again. 

When Thane discovers that the clever and beautiful Emerson is the key to uncovering the truth, he has no intention of letting her go. Although she wants to run, she can’t turn her back on Thane or her intense feelings for him. His quest pulls at her heart, just as his nearness sparks something dangerous inside her. With evil in hot pursuit, sooner or later everything will ignite—the mediation, the shifter within her… and their passions.

I really hope you enjoy my shifters, and I can’t wait to hear what you think. Early reviews seem positive… :)

“Erin Kellison busts into the hot and popular dragon shifter sub-genre with a unique take on the mythos and captivates readers with strong and witty characters, a millennia old mystery, blood feuds, slayers, and so much more.” ~LITERAL ADDICTION

“WOW. Murder, betrayal, romance and loyalty all in the pages of this great story. …This is for any paranormal romance book lover.” ~Sheryl

“The dynamic, the intrigue; the betrayal, the love, the passion…this book literally has it all. My only hope is that Erin Kellison writes more either in series form or continues the story of Tempted by Fire because it was just that damn good.” ~Heather

If you want a little preview, you can check out an excerpt of Tempted by Fire HERE.

Happy Reading!

Winter Warmers Giveaway Hop

Winter Warmers Giveaway Hop

Every year for Christmas I want the same thing: a good book and hours strung end-to-end like a popcorn garland to read it. My favorites are romantic fantasies, where I can explore a new world while falling in love. If I have chocolate from my stocking, then even better. In that spirit, I’m giving a lucky winner two books from my back list. Just click the Rafflecopter link below to enter.

In my Shadow series, the world is getting dark with magic. Beset by danger and desire, everything is about to change…

Click here to view my titles.

“Fans of dark drama will be captivated by this intense new series.” –RT Book Reviews

“The sexual tension is palpable. A stand-out page turner.” –RT Book Reviews on Fire Kissed

Special thanks to Felicity Heaton and Indie Romance Books for hosting this blog hop.

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Before you go…I’ve got some FREE reads going for the holiday season. Snap them up while you can!

Shadow TouchAmazon - Kindle
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Hotter on the Edge
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Soul Kissed Event @Literal Addiction

Join me today at Literal Addiction for my Soul Kissed release event!

To celebrate, Chelle and I are offering up a gorgeous custom made necklace (made by Chelle herself! check her out @Chelly Belle Designs) and signed copies of Fire Kissed and Soul Kissed to a lucky winner.

To enter, find the Rafflecopter widget for today’s Event on Literal Addiction’s Author’s Corner page 9/3 – 9/7, follow the directions, take action, and mark as ‘Done’.

Soul Kissed
Fire Kissed

While the world slumbers in Shadow, a fatal plague has swept through magekind. No one is immune to its ravages, and now that her father is dead, Cari Dolan must wield the fearful magic of her House to save innocent lives.

At the mage Council’s bidding, dangerous outsider Mason Stray joins forces with Cari to hunt down the fiend responsible. But can he trust the daughter of wealth and privilege, especially when his own son is at risk?

The princess will always welcome to her bed the warrior, even if one must pay the ultimate price…

Soul Kissed Giveaway and Release Party @Bitten By Books!

Join me for my Bitten By Books Giveaway and Release Party for Soul Kissed today! I’ll be hanging out all day so come by and say hi!

Here’s the link to the giveaway: Rafflecopter giveaway

Soul Kissed

While the world slumbers in Shadow, a fatal plague has swept through magekind. No one is immune to its ravages, and now that her father is dead, Cari Dolan must wield the fearful magic of her House to save innocent lives.

At the mage Council’s bidding, dangerous outsider Mason Stray joins forces with Cari to hunt down the fiend responsible. But can he trust the daughter of wealth and privilege, especially when his own son is at risk?

The princess will always welcome to her bed the warrior, even if one must pay the ultimate price…

Shadow Hunt release party is LIVE!

Giveaway and chat! Please come by and say hi!

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The Shadow Touch novella series is an episodic story about Cam and Ellie. Ellie has a unique problem—her shadow won’t stay attached her body. It roams, and in moments of extreme emotion, can even become solid. Cam is the doctor Ellie came to for help, but he’s turning darker himself.

Shadow Hunt is the third in the series. The adventure stands alone, but it is part of Cam and Ellie’s overall continuing story.

Shadow Hunt cover

“Kellison has outdone herself in Shadow Hunt. Cam and Ellie continue to be an intoxicating match that light the pages on fire with passion. … I adore everything about this offshoot series–it is fast paced, enthralling, and the two main characters are addictive. This does work as a standalone novella, but I do not think you should deprive yourself of the awesomeness that is the entire Shadow Touch series.”
5 gravestones, Bitten by Books

Dr. Cameron Kalamos and Eleanor Russo make an unbeatable team – science and magic, working hand in hand to confront the darkness besetting humankind.

At the center of that darkness stand the powerful mage Houses, but the brutal murderer Ellie and Cam are hunting seems to be affiliated with none of them.

When nothing is as it seems, and danger meets desire head on, sex can be an act of war. For Ellie, ensnared between the man she loves and the one she must destroy, the battle is about to begin…

Kindle Fire and $25 Gift Card and E-book Bundle Giveaway!

Happy Holidays! To celebrate, I have teamed with fantastic authors Laurie London and Alexis Morgan for a SUPER GIVEAWAY. We all write dark, sexy paranormal romances. In addition to the Kindle Fire and $25 gift card, the winner can select one ebook from each of our backlists to start off your reading.

Might I suggest…

Fire Kissed (book one Shadow Kissed series) by Erin Kellison

Assassin’s Touch (book one Iron Portal series) by Laurie London

My Lady Mage (book one Warriors of the Mist) by Alexis Morgan

Just click on the Rafflecopter link below to LIKE all three of our Facebook Pages (if you already “like” our pages, you still need to do the Rafflecopter thing otherwise you won’t be entered). You’ll also get extra entry points for tweeting about the contest, so be sure to check that out.

Click here to “like” my page and enter! (click the “Giveaway” tab)

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Is it Hot in Here?

Welcome to the Rock*It Reads Heating Up the Holidays Blog Hop. There are 15 stops on the blog tour. The more blogs you visit and comment on, the greater your chances of winning the grand prize, a $75 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble or Amazon, and a huge collection of books from the authors of Rock*It Reads. Smaller prizes will be available at each stop along the way.

Good luck, and have fun!


Hot Guy #1

I am thrilled to be relaunching my blog with the Rock*It Reads blog hop. Readers, you have LOTS of ways to win, both the grand prize and prizes from author pages.  The more pages you comment on, the greater your chances of winning.

Lately I’ve been working hard on SOUL KISSED, book two in my Shadow Kissed series. Even when I’m not writing, I can be found staring off into space imagining what’s coming in the next scenes. If I have a goofy smile on my face, it’s probably HOT.

Today I’m spotlighting book one, FIRE KISSED, which released in September. If you’re looking for a HOT read this holiday season, this one is full of fire. Literally. The hero is Jack Bastian, an angel who has to contend with Kaye Brand, a mage woman who has fire in her blood.

Here’s a sneak peek at the sparks between them:

Excerpt from Fire Kissed

Fire Kissed cover

The house was dark. He slammed the door behind him.

She flipped on the entrance hall light. Took off her coat. Put it over her arm. Regal. Her act. Liar. Couldn’t believe a thing the woman did or said.

Her mouth was moving. “…suspend meeting with clients…”

But the sounds were warped. The tilt of her face shifted slightly this way. And slightly that. Her tongue artfully shaping sounds that made no sense.

“…can’t very well continue when…”

She tucked a curl behind her ear.


“…for a little while…”



Hot Guy #2

“…not when Ferro…”

And then Jack was kissing her. Because she couldn’t say that name again, not one more time tonight, or tomorrow, or ever again, in his presence. He had to kiss all knowledge of it out of her and leave nothing but himself behind. He was a moth to her flame and he didn’t care.

His hands gripped her upper arms, but when she opened her mouth under his, her body saying yes, he made a grab for all of her. Hauled her up against the wall.

He trapped her there, his hand at her breast, his tongue rasping against hers, wild and wet. A bolt of lightning heat went through him, as if God struck, but Jack held on to Kaye and for once refused to care. His groin beat dark and needy, while he gripped the fabric of her dress and ripped because he couldn’t begin to think about zippers or buttons.

He felt a flutter of movement at his waist. Her bare hands found the skin at his navel. And he made an inhuman sound of longing.

She pulled out of the kiss to shhhh him, comforting, while she stroked and peeled off clothes to get them closer. Coat. Suit jacket. A tug and yank at his shirt.

“I’m here. I’m yours,” she said, answering the need he couldn’t have put into words if he’d tried.

Hot Guy #3

I’m giving away my most recent release, FIRE KISSED (print or e, reader’s choice), to a reader who answers this question: Which of the hot guys on this page is your favorite pensive man of passion? Answer below to enter for your chance to win!

Don’t forget to visit the other authors on the Blog Hop for more chances to win!

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Sharon Page Lila DiPasqua Elisabeth Naughton
Norah Wilson Jennifer Lyon Monica Burns
Vanessa Kelly Mia Marlowe Joan Swan
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